Tips To Save Money When Moving House

Moving and money are two concepts that spike anxiety. Before a move, people are often stressed and confused. Either they’re cash-strapped or it’s their first time relocating. Anyway, there’s no reason draining your wallet or bothering your mind. Here’s how to move cheaply and easily.

Reduce and Profit

Sell or discard the items you don’t need. Stuff like old toys, broken electronics, expired makeup, expired medicine, worn-out outfits, lonesome socks and empty wine bottles are of no value. If some items are in good condition, do this:

  • Host a garage or estate sale
  • Sell online on sites like eBay and Amazon
  • List on a local Facebook group
  • Barter trade – a good way to settle odds with friends.

Don’t Overbuy

Downsize as much as you can. Only buy what you need in your new residence. Impulse buying is a no-no if you’re moving to a place with little space. The more items you haul, the higher the moving costs.


Give what you can’t vend. Thrift shops are good for swift and effortless donating. If possible, give hobos something they’ll appreciate. Other donation options are Goodwill, Salvation Army and Children Homes.

Pack Items with Anything within Reach

Instead of buying packing materials, use household items as cases. For instance, wrap glassware in socks and separate plates with kitchen towels. Boxes of goods bought over the years come in handy. Look for people and shops dishing out free moving boxes. Avoid using boxes from the liquor or grocery store if you’re moving items into a storage facility. Boxes exposed to foods and drinks have a smell that attracts pests.

Measure Items

Large objects – sofas, tables, beds, cabinets, etc. – are hectic to move. Measure the dimensions of each piece. For a smooth move, consider the height and width of staircases, hallways and door frames. Prior to moving, make sure all items fit through the door and into your new house. Once you figure out what won’t fit, decide what has to go or stay.

Movers vs. Friends

One of the biggest and trickiest decisions you’ll make is hiring a mover. Bribing your friends with beer and pizza to get moving help is a bad idea. It’s better to work with the pros. Here are factors to consider before hiring:

  • Can your friends move heavy furniture?
  • Am I relocating or moving far away?
  • Do I have valuable furniture or artwork to move?
  • Are friends cheaper than movers?
  • Do I have any complicated pieces – a piano or pool table?

Movers are expensive but are fast and efficient. They have spacious moving trucks and storage spaces. Throughout the move, they save you lots of headaches. A company that is getting a reputation for delivering exceptional moves for their customers, is Perth Removals. Fill out their Perth, Western Australia online quote form.

Don’t Move During Rush Hour or Peak Season

Relocating during the off-season is smart. The rates are low and scheduling the move is stress-free. Winter is the best time to relocate for frugal movers with flexible schedules. Thanks to off-peak pricing and easy set-ups, winter movers don’t break a sweat or spend a fortune.

Now you’re all set to move to your new residence.

If you missed Choosing Your House Removals Guy, then get onto it!

Choosing Your House Removals Guy

First of all, check into the Perth company that you’re going to try and hire. Talk to them over the phone, or go to the company itself in order to figure out which one you like the most. Examine how the person who’s in the office/you’re talking to acts. See if they pay attention to you and your needs. If they’re not paying attention, don’t seem interested in what you have to say or seem as if they have time for better things, then they’re probably not a company that you want to hire. Look for someone who is caring, attentive, and wants to hear what you’re saying. If they’re taking notes, then that’s a bonus.

Next, look at the price. Is the price negotiable? Is the price something that you can see yourself paying for the service, or does it seem to be too much? Talk with your friends and other people and see what they have to say. Maybe they know of someone who offers a better price or perhaps they have a better idea of what a normal moving price is. Don’t be afraid to look online as well. But, still, take the time to talk with your house removals man and figure out if there is any way to get a better price. We have additional tips on saving money when moving house.

Check out reviews of the company. Take the reviews with a grain of salt or two, since they may not always give an accurate perspective about your house removals man, but also that not everything can be guaranteed by the company. For example, if a bunny hops into the back of the van when the driver isn’t looking and somehow chews through all the cords on anything being held down, there’s not much that could have been done. Although it’s a silly example, it’s still an example of something uncontrollable that could go wrong. Try and sort through what bad reviews either don’t make sense, shouldn’t have happened, are the company’s fault, and things of that nature. Once you have an idea of what is a legitimate bad review and what’s not, try and think about whether or not you still want to choose that house removals man. Keep in mind that if there’s one bad review out of twenty-five, there’s still a ninety-five percent chance that you won’t have any problems.

These are the main steps that you need to take-but keep in mind that you might also want to look into insurance as well. Once you’ve done that, choosing a house removals man should be a breeze!